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Srilan’s needle punch nonwoven is bonded by needle punch and the electric charging through needling, so it is also called triboelectric materials. The space between the polymers is relatively large, and the material appears fluffy, which increases the storage space for particulate matter, thus ensuring relatively low resistance and large dust hold capacity. Srilan is one of the earliest suppliers of triboelectric materials in China. We have a stable production process to ensure the efficiency and stability of electrostatic cotton. Call us for more details


Srilan’s triboelectric materials are fluffy, just like a sponge, a sponge can hold water far beyond its own volume. Our electrostatic cotton can also hold more particles because of its fluffy characteristics, thereby increasing the dust holding capacity of the product and reducing the frequency of material replacement.


Fluffy of Triboelectric Materials
3 Series Triboelectric Materials

3 Series

There are 3 series of Srilan’s triboelectric materials to meet your need. With the same gram weight, our SLT series is twice that of the SLN series in terms of efficiency, and our SLF2 series is more fluffy. Our different collections are designed to suit all your preferences, price, efficiency, resistance, fluffy, etc.

Different Width

We have prepared 6 slitting machines to suit your different width requirements. Our effective door width is 2100mm. In order to reduce your loss, we can cut any required width for you, making your production more convenient, worry-free, and cheaper. Our slitting accuracy can reach 1mm, and the slitting output approaches 5000 tons.

Different Width of Triboelectric Materials

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