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Spunbond Polyester Fabric is one of spunbond nonwoven fabrics, by bonding extruded polyester filaments together. It is ideal for a variety of industrial applications because the process makes spunbond polyester unusually robust and lets its fiber distribution be very uniform.

Based on the customers’ requirements for spunbond polyester, Srilan constantly strives for perfection in the nonwoven industry. Currently, our products are sold to US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, Japan, Korea and so on.

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High Strength

Polyester spunbond nonwoven fabric adopts putting polyester filaments into a net. The pendulum beats the fibers stretched at high speed horizontally to the net curtain. As the net curtain moves forward, the fibers stagger with each other. Therefore, spunbond polyester’s MD and CD strength ratio can basically reach 1:1.


High strength
High temperature resistance.

High Temperature Resistance

Srilan’s spunbond polyester fabric is a high-performance material with high-temperature resistance and low shrinkage. According to the investigation, the highest temperature of spunbond polyester can reach about 230℃. Compared with polypropylene nonwoven fabric, it has obvious characteristics.


Aging phenomenon is that the performance of materials has gradually deteriorated during the process of storage and use, and finally the materials lose the use value. Srilan’s spunbond polyester has good aging resistance with a brittlement temperature of -70℃, and still has some toughness at -30℃.


Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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