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Provide colorful and high strength of PP and PET spunbond nonwoven

Professional Spunbond Fabric Manufacturer

Srilan has many max widths of 3.4 meters of PP and PET spunbond nonwoven production lines, which can produce spunbond fabric from 10 g/m2 to 260 g/m2. The materials have soft, high tensile strength, air permeability, good temperature resistance and other characteristics. Our annual output is more than 15000 tons, the products can be widely used in medical and health, agricultural protection, packaging materials. Call us to get free samples!

Spunbond Fabric

PP Spunbond

100% virgin raw materials, greater strength, lightweight, easy to fold without getting crumpled. Read More…

PET Spunbond

100% virgin raw materials, high tensile strength, excellent thermal stability, aging resistance. Read More…

Bicomponent Spunbond

PE/PP、PE/PET、PET/PET、PA/PET two-component spunbond non woven fabric. Read More…


Srilan offers colorful spunbond fabric. With the pursuit of individuation, the color of non-woven products is more and more diversified. Srilan using a different masterbatch can produce various colors of spunbond fabrics according to PANTONE. Such as medical blue, white, yellow, green, black, pink, and so on.

face mask material

Wide Applications

Srilan produces PP and spunbond nonwoven, with its lightweight and high strength characteristics, widely used in medical and health, shopping bags, packaging materials, waterproof building materials, furniture, agriculture and horticulture, car interior products for many extremely durable products.

Super Low Weight

Because the density of PP is very low, the proportion of only 0.9, only three-fifths of cotton, with fluffy and feel good, so the spunbond nonwoven products are very light. Srilan can produce the spunbond nonwoven weight range of 10 gsm -260 gsm, to meet the requirements of non-woven fabric in different fields.

super low weight

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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