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SLW Series 100%PP Thermal Bond Nonwoven

SLW Series 100%PP Thermal Bond Nonwoven

SLW series are made 100%PP. Srilan’s thermal bond nonwoven has been widely concerned with good stiffness and air permeability.

  • Weight range of 30g/㎡-220g/㎡
  • Lightweight with strong stiffness
  • Goodair permeability
  • 100%PP, Acid, and alkali resistant
  • Smooth surface, high uniformity
Specification SLW-30PP SLW-55PP Inspection standard
Max width: 2.1m 2.1m /
Basic weight: 30±10% gsm 55±10% gsm GB/T24218.1-09
Thickness: 0.15 ±0.05 mm 0.25 ±0.05 mm GB/T24218.2-09
MD strength: ≥30 N/5cm ≥80 N/5cm GB/T3923.1-97
CD strength: ≥10 N/5cm ≥30 N/5cm
Breathability ≥4000mm/s ≥3000mm/s GB/T5453-97

thermal bond production line

  • High stiffness to improve folding mask tensile strength and structural stability, keep mask shape unchanged.
  • Used in liquid filtration, as the surface is smooth and has good uniformity, the fiber is not easy to fall off and block the filter element.
  • Laminate with different non woven fabrics to produce composite materials, widely used in air filters.
PP suport nonwoven application
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