needle punch nonwoven
SLT Series Needle Punch Nonwoven

SLT Series Needle Punch Nonwoven

SLT series needle punch nonwoven, as our strongest series product, under the same gram weight and keeping the resistance unchanged, the efficiency is twice that of the SLN series. They are widely used in HVAC filters, face mask materials above N95 standard, cabin filters, etc.

Weight and width can be customized. You can tell us your detailed requirements, we also can design a special model for you.

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Low resistance
  • High dust loading capacity
  • Low MOQ from 1roll to start
  • Effective Width: 21000mm
  • Weight: 25-500gsm
  • Efficiency: 55%-99.97%
  • Resistance: 1-30Pa
  • Test Machine: TSI 8130A
  • Flow: 32 L/min
  • Aerosol: Nacl
  • Air permeability: 400-4000 mm/s

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Production Line

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needle punch non woven
What makes electrostatic needle punch nonwoven special?
  • The fiber diameter of electrostatic needle punch nonwoven is big, the fiber space is large, so the resistance is super low and dust loading capacity is large
  • The fiber of electrostatic needle punch nonwoven is customized, so the raw material is special.
What’s the applications for electrostatic needle punch nonwoven?

If you want to combine the advantages of high efficiency and low resistance, electrostatic needle punch nonwoven is your first choice. Main end-uses application:

  • HVAC panel and V-bank filters
  • Respirators and face mask
  • Cabin filters
  • Air purifiers
  • Vacuum filters
Why chose Srilan’s electrostatic needle punch nonwoven?
  • Professional experience: Our team focus on filter media are more than 10 years.
  • Continues upgrade: We improve our products every 2-3 years, we have 3 generations of electrostatic needle punch nonwoven now. SLN series, SLF2 series, SLT series. Same weight, same pressure drop, SLT series are twice as efficient as SLN series.
  • Sophisticated testing equipment:6 sets TSI 8130A and 1 set PALAS testing equipment
  • Stable quality: 5 years shelf life
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