needle punch nonwoven
SLN Series Needle Punch Nonwoven

SLN Series Needle Punch Nonwoven

SLN series needle punch nonwoven has very low resistance while ensuring efficiency. It can be mainly used for primary filters or mask materials above N95 standard.

You can buy a roll of material to test the quality first. Tell us your requirements, we will give you the best recommendation.

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Low resistance
  • High dust loading capacity
  • Low MOQ from 1roll to start
  • Effective Width: 21000mm
  • Weight: 25-250gsm
  • Efficiency: 30%-95%
  • Resistance: 1-17Pa
  • Test Machine: TSI 8130A
  • Flow: 32 L/min
  • Aerosol: Nacl
  • Air permeability: 400-4000 mm/s

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Production Line

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needle punch non woven
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