meltblown fabric
SLDT Series Thermal Bond Nonwoven

SLDT Series Thermal Bond Nonwoven

SLDT series are made with a special process, and higher stiffness than ordinary PET materials. Srilan uses 1D to 15D different fiber diameters to blend to meet different customers’ requirements.

  • Weight range of 40g/㎡-200g/㎡.
  • High stiffness, shape maintenance
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Good breathability
  • Strong adhesion direct pleated
Specification SLDT-45 SLDT-70 Inspection standard
Max width: 2.1m 2.1m /
Basic weight: 45±10% gsm 70±10% gsm GB/T24218.1-09
Thickness: 0.25 ±0.05 mm 0.35 ±0.10 mm GB/T24218.2-09
MD strength: ≥90 N/5cm ≥285 N/5cm GB/T3923.1-97
CD strength: ≥30 N/5cm ≥100 N/5cm GB/T3923.1-97
Breathability ≥5000mm/s ≥4000mm/s GB/T5453-97

thermal bond production line

  • Can be direct pleated or composite with different materials, which helps the filter trap more dirt and prolong service life.
  • Strong adhesion to the PP nonwoven layer in masks, improves the productivity of fully automatic mask machines.
  • Good stiffness, lighter weight, and keeping shape unchanged in masks, will be an option for people to adhere to COVID-19 precautions in the warming weather.
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