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Srilan’s recycled non woven fabric is made from polypropylene. Polypropylene can be reusable, recyclable, and chemical resistant compared to other raw materials. They can be widely used in air filtration and liquid filtration areas. Srilan has 3 factories, one is for meltblown, one is for needle punch, thermal bond, laminating, and the other is for spunbond. We almost cover all nonwoven fabric filter media, call us for free samples.


The obvious pros of Srilan’s recycled non woven fabric are recyclable. A very important characteristic of PP is its thermoplasticity. Its melting point is about 130 degrees Celsius, and it becomes a liquid after reaching the melting point. Like other thermoplastics, PP can be repeatedly heated and cooled without significant degradation. Therefore, PP can be recycled and easily recycled.


Environmentally Friendly

The raw materials of Srilan’s recycled non woven fabric are recycled, so our nonwoven fabric can be reused again. Although our materials are disposable, they can be recycled and reused, which is more environmentally friendly compared to woven fabrics. With the development of society, non woven fabrics have replaced other textile products in more fields.

Customized Width

In the production of nonwoven products, the width is a very important factor in the production of equipment. In the different applications of recycled nonwoven fabric, the width is different. Srilan owns 6 slitting machines to provide widths for various needs of customers. Our slitting equipment can control the minimum tolerance of 1mm, which is very suitable for the customer’s equipment.

Customized Width

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