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Professional Polypropylene Filter Cloth Manufacturer

Polypropylene filter cloth is a textile made from PP. We use a special process for the production of polypropylene fabric with high efficiency and low resistance. It is widely used in HEPA filters, HVAC filters, medical masks, liquid filtration, etc. We have melt blown, electrostatic needle punch non woven, electrostatic support non woven, etc. annual capacity is more than10000tons. Our vision is that let non woven materials improve the quality of life. And we keep innovating non woven material applications. Call us to request a free sample.

Low Initial Pressure

Pressure drop is a very critical factor for us to judge the quality of a filter. Generally speaking, the lower the resistance, the better the performance of the filters. Srilan provides ultra-low initial resistance polypropylene filter cloth, greatly extends filter life, and improves filter performance.

Low initial pressure Polypropylene Filter Cloth
Electrostatic stability of Polypropylene filter cloth

Electrostatic Stability

Srilan uses polypropylene as raw material and unique formula and electrostatic core technology for producing excellent polypropylene filter cloth. Keeping a stable electrostatic feature for more than 3 years, can substantially increases its filtration efficiency. Our products are innovative and adaptive to the ever-changing designs as well as your needs.


The polypropylene filter cloth is characterized by exceptional uniformity, and high bacterial and particle filtration efficiency, the higher the number is, the more capable the filtering particles and bacteria. The Polypropylene filter cloth of Srilan can filter 0.3 microns of chemical fumes, bacteria, and droplets.

Antibacterial of polypropylene filter cloth

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