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Polyester fabric with high stiffness and strength MD/CD provides strong support for pleated filters, widely used in cabin air filters, air purifiers, building waterproof rolls, and other fields. We have two polyester non-woven fabric production lines with an annual output of 2000 tons. We adopt the method of carding polyester staple fibers to make the nonwoven fabric more uniform and temperature resistant. The fabric has super high air permeability and will not increase any resistance when compounding with other filter media. Call us for more details.

Strong Stiffness

Srilan’s polyester fabric has very strong stiffness, used in the cabin air filters can be directly pleated, or provide strong support for the soft meltblown fabric, polyester fabric retains the shape and integrity for cabin air filter, to provide more power for the car.

stiffness tester of polyester fabric
Air Permeability of polyester fabric

High Air Permeability

Srilan’s polyester fabric plays a very important role in the air purifier filter because it has ultra-high air permeability and very-low pressure drop, which can help the air filter to maintain a low airflow limit so that the filtered clean air can pass quickly without being blocked, thus extending the service life.

Excellent MD/CD

Strength is an important factor to ensure that the pleated filter does not deform or collapse. We use high-quality polyester staple fiber to provide you with high tensile strength polyester fabric. And we test the MD and CD strength of each roll using a strength tensile tester.

MD:CD of polyester fabric

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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