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Professional Pleated Filter Media Manufacturer

Srilan’s pleated filter media is specially designed for pleated air filters. Many air filter materials are too soft to be folded, you have to have a laminating machine to harden the material for pleating. Srilan can help with compounding issues, as well as materials that cannot be pleated directly. Our filter media with high efficiency and high dust holding capacity can be pleated directly on the machine without delamination issues. Welcome to get free samples.


Many air filter materials are too soft to be pleated directly, and we have to find hard materials for support, which puts a lot of burden on our production. Srilan’s pleated filter media can solve this problem for you. We can make it stiff while ensuring performance efficiency, and our rolls can be pleated directly on the machine.


Pleated Filter Media
100% Synthetic Fibers for pleated filter media

100% Synthetic Fibers

Srilan’s pleated filter media utilizes 100% synthetic fibers and will not promote the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, or fungi in normal operating environments. The high-quality synthetic raw material can capture particles as small as lint, smoke, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, fine dust, bacteria, and viruses.

Merv 13 Grade

Depending on the MERV rating, Srilan’s pleated filter media is MERV 13 rated. With the ever-increasing demands on air quality, MERV8-rated air filters are no longer sufficient for our daily needs. Srilan is also constantly innovating and designing materials with higher efficiency levels to meet market changes

Merv 13 Grade Pleated Filter Media

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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