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Multiple processes, customize your ideal nonwoven fabric

Your Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer

Srilan has a variety of nonwoven fabric production processes, including meltblown, spunbond, needle punch, thermal bond, and laminator. And we also have more than 10 people on the non woven technical team. So that we can offer you customized services to design your ideal non woven material.

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Nonwoven Fabric Products

meltblown fabric

Superfine fiber with high Efficiency, weight vary from 15gsm to 100gsm. Read More…

spunbond nonwoven

PP spunbond and polyester spunbond, weight vary from 10gsm to 250gs. Read More…

needle punch nonwoven

High efficiency with low resistance, weight varies from 25gsm to 500gsm. Read More…

thermal bond nonwoven

Polyester or polypropylene material with uniform cloth, weight varies from 25gsm-150gsm. Read More…

Laminated non woven farbric

4 laminated layers, comprehensive various material properties to meet different requirements. Read More…

Large Annual Production Capacity

Srilan’s non woven cloth annual capacity is very large. There are 8 needle punch nonwoven production lines, 8 meltblown fabric production lines, 2 thermal bond nonwoven production lines, 1 spunbond nonwoven production line, 1 laminated non woven fabric production line, annual capacity can reach more than 10 thousand tons.

slitting machine
Srilan Laboratory

Rigorous Quality Inspection System

We have a strict QA system and test every roll of non woven cloth.

  • Test every item data before mass production
  • Test every roll within production
  • Any unexpected data reporting to the manager
  • Professional and clean data record system
  • Keep samples of every order for at least 5 years

Excellent After-sales Service

Our non woven textile after-sales service is considerate and thoughtful

  • 3 years shelf life
  • User training for material usage
  • 24 hours online support
  • Complaints will be replied to within 1 working day
after-sales service


We can only check whether the non woven clothing has defects through the appearance, but we can’t know the performance of the sheet through the appearance. Accurate testing equipment is very important for nonwoven fabric, especially we focus on non woven filter fabric. We invested more than 0.7 million to purchase 5 sets of TSI 8130 and TSI 8130A to test non woven filter fabric efficiency and resistance. And we keep investing much money every year to buy advanced non woven testing equipment.

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