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Nonwoven Composites

Nonwoven Composites

laminated non woven fabric sometimes also called nonwoven composites. It can combine the advantages of different types of non woven fabrics to meet our diverse needs.

Srilan’s laminated non woven fabric uses hot melt adhesive bonding. We own a unique and reasonable gluing method, which makes the amount of gluing very uniform, and can also be processed with water-based and oil-based glue. The unique gluing method effectively saves the amount of glue. We can compound up to 4 layers of non-woven fabrics together so that the performance of non-woven fabrics is no longer limited by processes (meltblown, spunbond, thermal bond, etc.) and raw materials (polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, etc.)


Layer: 2-4 layers

Weight: 20-500gsm

Method: hot melt adhesive

Effective width: 1600mm

production line

Production Line

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