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Zero resistance support filter media

Professional Non Woven Polyester Fabric Manufacturer

Srilan as a professional non woven polyester fabric manufacturer, more than 15 years of experience, focuses on high-temperature resistance and abrasion resistance pet nonwoven, can provide any weight, size, and colors. Pet non woven fabric is widely used as a support material for filters, or as a decorative material. Our annual outlet is more than 3 thousand tons, offer you fastest delivery time, low MOQ, free sample. Call us action.

Non Woven Polyester Fabric

PET Support Non Woven

SLB series, zero resistance carrier media for air filters. Read More…

Special PET Support Non Woven

SLDT series, better adhesion to PP materials. Read More…

PET Spunbond Non Woven

High-temperature resistance media for composite materials. Read More…

Zero Resistance

Melt blown is too soft to pleat when we do filters, so we need some hard media to laminate with melt blown, but can’t add its resistance. Our non woven polyester Fabric is zero resistance, the best choice support media for melt blown.


Zero Resistance
High Color Fastness

High Color Fastness

Because there is no specific dyeing group on the molecular chain of polyester, no woven polyester fabric is difficult to dye. We have adopted a special process to make it colorful and ensure that it has high color fastness, even if it is washed, it is not easy to fade.

High Abrasion Resistance

Our no woven polyester fabric has a smooth surface and Internal molecules are tightly arranged. After our experimental certification, you can brush it more than 100 times, it will not fluff, and the abrasion resistance is very strong.

High Abrasion Resistance

AHR 2022
IDEA 2019

We think that exhibitions are the fastest way to obtain industries information. We are actively participating in various domestic and oversea exhibitions to keep our material performance up with the times.

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