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Professional Non Woven for Pouch Manufacturer

The raw materials of non woven pouch are normally PP and PET. The chemical structure of these materials is not firm, and the molecular chains can easily break, which can be effectively degraded. In response to the call for green environmental protection, the demand for non woven pouch is growing.

With 10 years of experience in spunbond nonwoven production, we can quickly test and obtain physical data, and we have our own R & D team to develop new nonwoven fabrics for you. Call us for free samples.


Srilan’s nonwoven for punch is made of high-density polyester or polypropylene and uses extrusion, embossing and orientation processes. The weight of each square meter is only three-fifths of the cotton, which will not produce a larger burden.



Srilan has PET and PP non woven for the pouch. Owing to its excellent processing capability and heat stability, it can be digitally printed and will not fade. Rich colors and sufficient quantities to meet your various needs. Any color is available as the customer requests.


Non woven for pouch is generally stronger than plastics. With reusable and durable characteristics, it has a long service life. Therefore, using these materials can save people’s costs and reduce the generation of garbage and the impact on the environment.


Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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