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Your leading non woven filter fabric manufacturer, custom your idea efficiency and resistance

Srilan specialized in meltblown, needle punch filter fabric, self-support electret filter media

Professional Non Woven Filter Fabric Manufacturer

Srilan, as a leading non woven filter fabric manufacturer in China, is focusing on high-efficiency cloth at low-pressure drop. Meltblown is high-efficiency non woven filter media. Needle punch filter fabric is electrostatically charged non woven synthetic fabric. Self-support electret filter media is hard and can be pleated directly. We develop excellent filter media every year and continue to upgrade our existing filter media. We can provide a free sample for your evaluation. Call us in action!

Non Woven Filter Fabric

meltblown nonwoven

Coarse efficiency, medium efficiency, high efficiency, a variety of widths for your choice. Read More…

needle punch nonwoven

The efficiency is comparable to meltblown, while having ultra-low resistance. Read More…

Self-support Electret Filter Media

Electrostatically charged, non woven filter fabric can be pleated. Read More…

Variety Diversification

Srilan has a variety of non woven filter fabrics.

  • Meltblown: Superfine fiber, uniform appearance, super high efficiency
  • Needle punch filter fabric: Maintain high efficiency under low resistance and has a high dust capacity
  • Self-support electret filter media: harder compare to other filter media, electrostatic charging, and pleatability


Variety non woven filter fabric
nonwoven application

Wide-Range in Application

Contemporary people pay more and more attention to the environment, not only the air but also the water quality. Srilan’s non woven filter fabric mainly focuses on air filtration and liquid filtration. From personal protection to household protection, from industrial wastewater to drinking water. Srilan is always by your side.

Continuous Breakthrough

Our requirements for the quality of life have been improving, so we must also keep up with the development of the times and continuously improve the performance of our non woven filter fabric. We have a professional R&D team and facilities, advanced production equipment which allows us to constantly challenge ourselves.



Packaging is a part of our products that is easily overlooked, but it is an important step to ensure that you receive the goods in good condition. Srilan’s non woven filter fabric is packed with a sealed PE bag first to ensure the cargo is moisture-proof. Then use another packaging for reinforcement again. If the products are sent by LCL, they are packed with pallets. If you have other special requirements, we will custom package them for you.

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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