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Needlepunched Nonwovens for HVAC Filters

Needlepunched Nonwovens for HVAC Filters

Srilan’s needlepunched nonwovens are electrostatic charging filter media. They can be laminated with metal mesh, plastic mesh, or other supporting material for pleated HVAC filters. They also can be as the dust holding layer in pocket filters. Due to the special design of this material, it can combine high efficiency with low-pressure drop and high dust holding capacity.

  • Low-pressure drop
  • High dust loading capacity
  • Electrostatic charging
  • Low MOQ from 1roll to start

Meet ASHRAE 52.2, EN779 and ISO 16890 standards.

SLT-75L efficiency

SLT-75L resistance

needlepunched line

slitting line

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