Needle Punch Nonwoven Manufacturer

  • Large capacity to shorten your lead time
  • Electrostatic charging to meet your filter efficiency
  • Low MOQ from 1 roll to support your business

Professional Needle Punch Nonwoven Manufacturer

Srilan, as the leading supplier of nonwoven fabric, provides electrostatic charging, ultra-low pressure drop, high dust hold capacity needle punch filter fabric. There are 8 production lines and the annual volume can reach 1500tons. We focus on non woven filter fabric for more than 10 years. Our boss is the leader of the technical department, he has been infiltration industry for more than 15 years. Srilan keeps innovation to offer 3-5 unique exciting new non woven fabric materials every year. Contact us now!

Needle Punch Nonwoven

Electrostatic charged media

Effective width 240cm, lowest weight is 25gsm, cheap price. Read More…

Tribo charged nonwoven

Effective width 210cm, thicker than the other two series. Read More…

Needle punch nonwoven

Effective width 210cm, higher filter efficiency than other two series. Read More…

Why do we call it electret media?

Srilan’s needle punch nonwoven compare to other common needle punched non woven fabric is the high filter efficiency. We also called it tribo-charging media, the electric charging through needling. We have mastered the technology and can customize your filter efficiency. The penetration of our fabric is less than 1%.


needle punch nonwoven
high dust capacity

What makes it special?

The fiber diameter of needle punch nonwoven is big, the fiber space is large, so the resistance is super low and dust loading capacity is large

The fiber of needle punch nonwoven is customized by us, so the raw material is special for us.

What’s the difference to a standard meltblown?

The fiber diameter of needle punch nonwoven is big, so the space between fibers is large, the resistance is much lower than meltblown

The weight of needle punch filter fabric is higher than meltblown, it varies from 25gsm to 500gsm. And the thickness is higher than meltblown.

The efficiency is similar to meltblown, so it is better than meltblown in Medium and low-efficiency areas

cutting machine

Srilan’s non woven filter fabric can be used in many fields like air filtration, liquid filtration, package, etc… The standard sizes of products in different fields are different. How can Srilan meet the needs of diversified sizes? Srilan owns 6 automatic slitting machines, the annual volume is 6000tons per year. Our machine uses photoelectric correction to ensure precision, the width tolerance is 5mm. Our cutting machine employees must be trained for at least three months, it is important to ensure the tension of the nonwoven fabric.

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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