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Professional Needle Punch Filter Fabric Manufacturer

Needle punch filter fabric can be used in air filtration, dust collectors, cabin filters, medical fields, etc. Srilan’s gram weight can have a larger control range, from 25 grams to 500 grams.

Srilan is well equipped with needle punch filter fabric equipment, precision testing equipment, professional technical personnel, a management team, and in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system and safety production standardization. Call us for free samples.

Needle Punch Filter Fabric Applications


Increase dust holding capacity and slow down the rise of mask resistance

Cabin filters

Increase the dust holding capacity and prolong the service life of the filter

HVAC filters

Meet ASHRAE 52.2, ISO16890, EN779 standards, high dust holding capacity

Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Dust holding capacity extends filter life

High Dust Holding Capacity

Compared with other filter fabrics, Srilan’s needle punch filter fabric has a high dust holding capacity. It has a long service life, high efficiency, carries out the filtering work steadily, and can reduce the frequency of cleaning and replacement of this fabric to save your cost.


high dust holding capacity
low resistance

Low Resistance

Srialn’s needle punch filter fabric is designed specially. the resistance is ultra-low. With low resistance, Srilan’s needle punch filter fabric can delay the resistance rising when it is used in full-mask, half-mask, molding mask, and folding mask as a pre-filter layer.


Srilan’s needle punch filter fabric uses the puncture effect of the pricking needle to reinforce the fluffy fiber mesh into a fabric. Therefore, its micro-pores are evenly distributed, and the gram weight of this filter fabric is the same, which makes it have high uniformity.

Elestrostatic Charging

Elestrostatic Charging

We have a unique electrostatic charging technology that enables our needle punch filter fabric to absorb fine particles. After our experimental certification, the material can maintain efficiency for 3 years without declining under natural conditions. At the same time, we will also test its efficiency degradation performance at high temperatures.

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Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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