Meltblown Fabric Manufacturer

  • Face mask: Meet different national standards, customize your meltblown fabric
  • Air filtration: Efficiency is more than 99.97%, resistance is less than 25Pa
  • Liquid filtration: Accuracy up to 1um for liquid filters

Professional Meltblown Fabric Manufacturer

Srilan, a meltblown nonwoven fabric supplier from China. We adopt 100% full inspection and guarantee 3 years of efficiency without declining. Meltblown is a microfiber nonwoven, widely used in the face mask, air filters, and liquid filters. We have 8 melt blown nonwoven fabric production lines, the annual capacity reached 2000tons per year and we pass ISO-90001 in 2018. People are paying more and more attention to environmental pollution, Srilan focuses on filter media for more than 10years. Contact us to get the free sample.

Meltblown Fabric

Meltblown Fabric for Face Mask

Meet NIOSH, EN149, ASTM F2100, EN 14683, Korea standards. Read More…

Meltblown Fabric for Air Filters

Superior performance for HEPA filter, HVAC filter, etc. Read More…

Meltblown Fabric for Liquid Filters

Microfiltration in liquid filtration, support for various filter membranes. Read More…

Wide Applications

Meltblown Fabric can be widely used in face masks, air filtration, and liquid filtration.

Face mask: meet NIOSH, EN149, ASTM F2100, EN 14683, Korea standards

Air filtration: HEPA filters, HVAC filters, etc.

Liquid filtration: pleated filter cartridges


HEPA filter
Stable Data

Stable Data

Efficiency is the core element of meltblown fabric. Many suppliers pursue high efficiency, but the average value is the key in production.

We use special methods and test equipment to ensure that the value fluctuations are controlled within 3%.

Continuous Innovation

We invest a lot of money every year to purchase professional and advanced experimental equipment so that our products can be compared with international standards. Based on it, We upgrade our products within 2 to 3 years, and we are pursuing to provide you meltblown material with higher efficiency and lower resistance.

Continuous Innovation

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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