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Melt blown filter fabric uses melt blown spinning process and directly produces from the polymer to fabric without intermediate processes such as spinning or forming, with excellent oil absorption, heat insulation, filtration and shielding capacity and performance.

Srilan is an enterprise integrating development, production and sale of nonwoven fabrics. Currently, we have more than 100 employees and own production lines including melt blown filter fabric, spunbond fabric, needle punch nonwoven fabric, etc.. Call us for free samples.

Melt Blown Filter Fabric

face mask

Meet NIOSH, EN149, ASTM F2100, EN 14683, Korea standards.

melt blown for HVAC filters

Meet ASHRAE 52.2, ISO 16890, EN 779 standards

melt blown for HEPA filters

Meet EN 1822-2009 standard

High Efficiency

Srilan’s melt blown filter fabric is made of Polypropylene, and its fiber diameter ranges from 1 to 10 micron. Compared with other spun-bonded fibrous webs, this melt blown filter media has a smaller aperture and higher filtration efficiency.


High Efficiency
No Additives

No Adhesive

Using thermal melting method, the process of melt blown filter fabric is a single-step process that converting a polymer chip as raw material into a randomly laid fiber mesh structure, with no adhesive. So, its chemical properties are stable and service time is long.


Due to its filtration properties of the ultra-fine fiber and unique capillary structure, this melt blown filter fabric has shrink-resistant performance. Its scope of application is involved in the fields of air filtration (HVAC, HEPA) and liquid filtration (pleated filter cartridge).


Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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