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Professional Hydrophobic Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

Most of Srilan’s non woven materials are hydrophobic. Here we mainly introduce hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric. The higher the weight of the non woven fabric material, the stronger the hydrophobicity. We have two-component, polypropylene, polyester spunbond nonwoven, annual capacity is 2000tons per year. They can be widely used in masks, non woven pouch, printed non woven fabric, agriculture non woven fabric, etc. Contact us to get the free sample.

Hydrophobic Non Woven Fabric

hydrophobic nonwoven

100% Polypropylene, chemical stability, custom your color. Read More…

spunbond nonwoven

Minimum weight 12gsm, superb toughness durability. Read More…

PP nonwoven fabric

Stable performance under high temperature. Read More…

Hydrophobic Properties

Srilan’s spunbond non woven fabric is disposable, can be made into hydrophobic or hydrophilic. The higher weight, the stronger the water repellency.

In the face mask, we require that the outer layer non-woven fabric must be hydrophobic because we need to prevent saliva or blood from passing through.


hydrophobic nonwoven
high strength

UV Resistance

Srilan’s PET hydrophobic spunbond non woven fabric can be used in bag filters. In hospitals or in the microelectronics industry, environmental requirements are very stringent, sometimes UV sterilization is required. If you use PP spunbond in the filter at this time, the life of the filter will be greatly shortened. Our pet spunbond is UV resistance.

High Temperature Resistance

Colorful pp spunbond non woven fabric is made by color masterbatch, it can’t meet our individual requirements.

Our polyester spunbond can keep stable under 260℃,so this hydrophobic non woven fabric can be used transfer printing.

Colorful spunbond nonwoven

strength testing
high tensile nonwoven

We can’t distinguish the performance of nonwoven fabric except for appearance. In particular, the strength, efficiency, and resistance of the product need to be tested by professional testing equipment. The purchase quantity of nonwoven fabrics is generally huge, if the product is not qualified, it will cause you huge losses. So we will provide you with free samples for your evaluation. And we will save the data of all samples sent, and mass production strictly follows the sample data.

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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