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When you wear a mask for a long time, the air we exhale will turn into water droplets, which makes us feel very uncomfortable. Srilan’s hydrophilic non woven fabric can save this problem. This non woven paper is made by ES fiber, skin-friendly, water-absorbent, and has high air permeability, ensuring that it can be dry and comfortable even when wearing a mask for a long time. Srilan is focusing on the production of various materials for masks, such as meltblown, non woven cotton, spunbond, ES non woven material, etc. Call us action.


Srilan’s hydrophilic non woven fabric raw material is ES. It has strong water absorption and can quickly absorb the water vapor we breathe out wearing a mask.

And ES is a commonly used material in the field of hygiene, so it can guarantee safety performance.


comfortable nonwoven
medical mask nonwoven

Keep Shape

Srilan’s hydrophilic non woven fabric, compared to hydrophilic spunbond non woven fabric, has a certain degree of stiffening, plays a supporting role, and enhances the fit between the mask and the face. The fitting performance of the mask to the face is also a very important point in mask testing.

Soft and Comfortable

Comfort is a very important part of the experience of wearing a mask. Srilan’s hydrophilic non woven fabric is a soft non woven fabric, adopts a glossy design, with a smooth and soft surface. Compared with the spunbond dot pattern design, it reduces the friction with the face, to achieve a comfortable function.

softwear nonwoven

ES softwear nonwoven
PP production line



Item: SL-E20.                                                    Weight:  20gsm

Thickness:  0.07mm                                        Air permeability: ≥2000 L/m2.s

MD strength:≥50 N/5CM                              CD strength:    ≥15 N/5CM





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