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HVAC filter media based on ASHRAE 52.2, ISO16890, EN779

Professional HVAC Filter Media Manufacturer

Srilan’s HVAC filter media is according to international standards, ASHRAE 52.2, ISO16890, and EN779. They can be used in pleated filters, rigid filters, or bag filters. We offer low, medium, and high-efficiency HVAC filter material. As the filters should be tested under a high flow rate, We purchased the only PALAS machine in Asia to test materials under high air volume. Based on it, We can provide more professional non woven HVAC filter media quickly and efficiently. Call us for free samples.

HVAC Filter Media

Meltblown Nonwoves

Coarse surface, high efficiency, and stable chemical compatibility

Needlepunched Nonwovens

Electrect charging, low-pressure drop, and high dust holding capacity

Self-support Nonwovens

Hard, pleatability, stable efficiency and pressure drop under a high flow rate

Variety Diversification

There are three main HVAC filter media in Srilan. Melt blown, is a coarse filter media, the strength, and dust holding capacity are higher than normal melt blown. Needle punch nonwoven, it has ultra-high efficiency and ultra-low resistance, as well as ultra-high dust holding capacity. Self-support filter media can be pleated directly.


production line

Professional Testing

Srilan has the only testing equipment, PALAS, in Asia that can test HVAC filter media under a high airflow rate. We can calculate face velocity based on your filter design and provide professional testing reports. Based on it, we can provide the corresponding materials to customers accurately and efficiently.

Customized Design

The biggest advantage of Srilan is to customize the design of HVAC filter media according to your requirements. Same MERV 13 grade filter media, some are more towards dust holding capacity and some are more towards lower resistance. We have a variety of machines and a strong R&D team to meet your diverse needs.

Customized Design
Free Sample

Free Sample Roll

Every HVAC air filter manufacturer has its own unique design, and different filter designs will directly affect the filter grade. Therefore, while helping you improve the material, Srilan also opened up another service, we can provide free HVAC filter media sample rolls to you so that you can make filters on the machine.

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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