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Srilan’s HEPA filter material is electrostatic charging. We can offer E10-H14 grade nonwoven filter media. We offer meltblown, polyester nonwovens (as a carrier for meltblown), and composite nonwovens (which can be pleated directly into filters). We have 6 slitting machines which can meet your different width requirements. Our non woven filter media also can be used in HVAC filters, respirators, cabin air filters, vacuum cleaners, and liquid filters. Let’s hurry up and get free samples.

HEPA Filter Material

Meltblown HEPA filter material

As the filter layer, E10, E11, E12, H13, and H14 grades

Polyester Nonwoven HEPA Filter Material

As the carrier layer, no odor, no VOC, and no formaldehyde

Composite Nonwoven HEPA Filter Material

As the key filter element for an air purifier can be pleated directly

H14 Rating

Srilan produces E10, E11, E12, H13, and H14 grade meltblown nonwoven materials, using unique electrostatic electret technology. H14 meltblown filter efficiency reaches 99.995%. Meltblown nonwoven as the core filter layer of HEPA filter, can filter 0.3 micron suspended particles, making the air more fresh and clean.


H14 HEPA Filter Material
HEPA filter material carrier

Excellent Carrier

Srilan offers polyester nonwoven material as the carrier for HEPA filters. Our support material in the HEPA filter has no formaldehyde and no VOC, which is safer and healthier for the human body. Its stiffness is very good, and it can show strong pleating performance when combined with different filter materials.

Pleated Performance

Srilan’s HEPA filter material can be pleated directly. The filter area can be increased by pleating, thereby improving the filter performance and prolonging the life of the filter. You needn’t invest in laminating equipment, you can directly pleat the roll on the machine, which will greatly improve your production efficiency.

HEPA Filter pleat

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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