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Srilan’s furnace filter material can protect furnace mechanisms from getting dirty and clean the air in the home. The type of material affects how effectively the furnace filters the air. According to ASHRAE 52.2, we can produce fireplace filter material in grades MERV 8-MERV 16. Keeping the efficiency stable at high air volume, it can effectively remove lint, dust, mold spores, pollen, pet, smoke, smog, cough and bacterial, etc. Srilan has two production bases, and a stable supply chain ensures product delivery. Call us for free samples immediately.

Various Types

Srilan has various types of non woven furnace filter materials. Meltblown with high-efficiency performance, electrostatic cotton with high dust holding capacity, electrostatic support nonwoven with self-pleatable media, and composite material combining the advantages of different materials. In addition, we can design the ideal material for you


Various Types Furnace Filter Material
Furnace Filter Material for pleated air filter

Suitable for Pleated Air Filters

Srilan’s furnace filter material is ideal for pleated air filters. Those with more pleats provide better filtering and help prevent dust and other particulates from being recirculated in the air. Depending on MERV rating, they can typically run between MERV 5 to 15.

No Glass Shedding

Srilan’s furnace filter material is made of synthetic fibers, which are more environmentally friendly and have no glass fiber shedding issues. Although fiberglass can be the least expensive type of filter, the fiberglass shedding problem can cause health and environmental problems.

No glass shedding of furnace filter material

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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