Face Mask Material Manufacturer

  • Meet EN14683 and ASTM F2100 standards
  • Meet EN149 and NIOSH standards
  • 5 sets TSI 8130 and TSI 8130A

Professional Face Mask Material Manufacturer

During allergy and flu seasons, people choose to travel with masks to reduce the chance of airborne illness for others. Prevent inhaling airborne irritants such as pollen or dust particles from air pollution. The most commonly used material for making masks is polypropylene. Srilan has 8 meltblown production lines, 3 spunbond production lines, 6 slitting machines. All materials are made of 100%PP, we have a strong production capacity to deliver on time for you. Call us for free samples.

Face Mask Material

Meltblown Nonwoven

Meet different international standards

Spunbond Nonwoven

100% virgin PP raw material

Thermal Bond Nonwoven

Keep the structure of the face mask

Needle Punch Nonwoven

Increase dust holding capacity

ES Nonwoven

Smooth surface and hydrophilic

colorful nonwoven

Starry sky color, personalized design

One-stop Material Supplier

Srilan supplies all the materials needed for masks. From the outer layer of spunbond, meltblown, dust holding materials, and support materials to the inner layer of spunbond, all face mask materials can be found in Srilan. We provide you with professional advice, allowing you to easily purchase and provide one-stop service.


One-stop service
Professional testing equipment

Professional Testing Equipment

Srilan is equipped with 5 sets of TSI8130 and TSI8130A for face mask material to ensure the accuracy of data and provide you with precise and secure data. Face Masks are a very rigorous industry, especially during the epidemic, masks have become an important tool to protect our health. We must pay more attention to its quality.

Rich Experience

Srilan has been engaged in the filtration industry for more than 7 years, and our technical practitioners have an average of more than 10 years. We are very aware of the structure and requirements of masks, and all salesmen have been professionally trained, so we can confidently tell you that as long as you have requirements, we will be able to meet your needs.

Rich Experience

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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