Electrostatic Meltblown Fabric Manufacturer

Professional Electrostatic Meltblown Fabric Manufacturer

Srilan has mastered the meltblown electrostatic charging core technology, strictly measurement, and air permeability control, and can keep upgrading its performance. We have 8 meltblown fabric production line that produces fine fibers of 0.5-3 micron and the annual capacity can reach 2000 tons/ per year. The diversity of our electrostatic meltblown fabric makes them an excellent choice for many air filtration, and liquid filtration applications. The MOQ is one roll, call us for a free sample.

Electrostatic Meltblown Fabric Applications

face mask

Meet NIOSH, EN149, ASTM F2100, EN 14683, Korea standards.

melt blown for HVAC filters

Meet ASHRAE 52.2, ISO 16890, EN 779 standards

melt blown for HEPA filters

Meet EN 1822-2009 standard

Antibacterial and Antiviral

In terms of viruses and bacteria, surgical masks and N95 masks are both more effective than cloth masks. We own serials of static electret charging technology, including customized formulas with electret masterbatch. We can produce electrostatically charged meltblown PP nonwoven with a maximum efficiency of 99.97%, it protects the wearer from large droplets, splashes, and sprays.


Meltblown fabric antibacterial
Blood Penetration Resistance

Blood Penetration Resistance

The electrostatic meltblown fabric can be used as the core filter layer of surgical masks. The meltblown fabric of Srilan can effectively resist synthetic blood penetration in addition to its high filtration efficiency of bacteria and particles. It has obtained the certificate of Nelson Labs and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals to make hemodialysis prevention products.

Improve Air Quality

Electrostatic meltblown fabrics are mainly used in air purifiers as core filtration layers, these materials are laminated with activated carbon material or different functional supporting materials. With antibacterial mildew, antiviral, flame retardant, and other functions. Improve air quality and reduce pollen, mold, and dust common in your household.

air filters

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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