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Professional Electrostatic Cotton Manufacturer

Srilan’s electrostatic cotton is a non woven material obtained by carding PP staple fiber, needle punched into a net, and then processed by electrostatic charging. We have 8 production lines with an annual output of 1500 tons. It is well known for its extremely low resistance and high dust holding capacity. Thanks to its advantages, filter cotton is widely used in respiratory protective masks, HVAC, air purifiers, and other filtration fields. Call us for free samples.


Prolong Service Life

Electrostatic filter cotton has a very high dust holding capacity. So that the filter fabric can be made as a pre-filter core in your air purifier. Larger particles like dust, dirt, and pollen are absorbed by it, extending the life of your HEPA filter, thereby increasing the service life of your air purifier.


electrostatic cotton pre filter
electrostatic cotton mask

Delay the Rise of Resistance

Meltblown fibers are very fine, so it is very easy to get clogged with particulates. If we add a layer of electrostatic cotton to the mask as a pre-filter of the mask, it can quickly increase the dust holding capacity of the mask, thereby slowing down the rise in resistance and making the wearer more comfortable

Electrostatic Stability

Srilan has mastered the electret charging technology for many years and we have 5 sets of aging equipment, which can simulate the electrostatic decay performance in extreme environments. Through various tests, we can guarantee that our electrostatic cotton will not decay for 5 years.

electrostatic cotton aging testing

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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