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Srilan’s nonwoven filter fabric is electret filter media. It uses electrostatic force to increase particle capture efficiency well beyond the physical pore structure. Fewer fibers allow for higher efficiency ratings, so we can have lower pressure drop. We have mastered electrostatic charging technology and apply this technology to all our filter materials. You can definitely find your ideal filter material in our nonwovens, meltblown, needlepunch nonwoven, self-support electret nonwoven, laminated nonwoven. Call us for free samples.


Electret Filter Media

Meltblown Electret Filter Media

High-performance electret filtration properties

Self-support electret nonwoven Electret Filter Media

Pleatable electret filter material

Laminated nonwoven Electret Filter Media

Hot melt adhesive electric filter Material

Needlepunch Nonwoven Electret Filter Media

Triboelectric effects between fibers to fulfill durable electrostatic forces


We have advanced manufacturing facilities and R&D equipment, and our R&D team has more than ten years of experience in the field of non-woven fabrics, which allows us to continuously innovate and develop new filter materials. We have successively developed electret filter media for air filtration and micron filter cloth for liquid filtration.

Electret Filter Media innovation
Customer-centric Electret Filter Media


We provide professional sales for you, and these sales are supported by our strong technical team. We can provide you with professional electret filter media consulting services, and can also provide you with the design and development of customized filtration materials. We hope to create better filtration solutions for you.

High-quality Products

We provide you with filtration solutions for electret filter media. We continuously optimize the performance of our products, including filtration efficiency, resistance, dust holding capacity, air permeability, service life, and cost. All products will undergo 100% quality inspection before leaving our factory.

high quality Electret Filter Media

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