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Srilan’s dry laid nonwovens are made of staple fibers, formed by the dry net and reinforced by thermal bonding processing. This non woven fabric adopts a dry process, no glue, is non-toxic and tasteless, no formaldehyde and VOC. And it can be widely used in respiratory protective masks, HVAC, cabin air filters, and other fields. We have two thermal bonding production lines with an annual output of 2000 tons. In addition, we also have meltblown, needle punched, and composite non woven fabrics to meet your supporting requirements. Call us immediately.


Dry Laid Nonwoven

SLB Dry Laid Nonwoven

Polyester non woven fabric, high air permeability

SLDT Dry Laid Nonwoven

Modified polyester, stronger adhesion to PP nonwovens

SLW Dry Laid Nonwoven

Polypropylene non woven fabric, eco-friendly

SLBC Dry Laid Nonwoven

One-sided coloring, starry sky colors


This dry laid nonwoven fabric of Srilan is combed through a carding machine and then bonded into a network according to its own melting point. No glue is used in the production process, so no harmful substances are produced, no VOC and it can pass any environmental certification. It is your first choice for healthy materials.


No VOC of dry laid nonwoven
Pleatable of dry laid nonwoven


The main raw materials of dry laid nonwoven are polyester and polypropylene. Compared with other non woven fabrics, it feels harder. Although it has no filtration efficiency by itself, it can be used as a support material and laminated with other non woven fabrics to make them have a pleating function.

Water Filtration Application

Our SLW dry laid non woven fabric, the raw material is 100% polypropylene, has chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, so it can be used as a support material for liquid pleated filter cartridges, making the filter material easier to pleat. If you have special requirements for raw materials, it is your choice.

liquid dry laid nonwoven

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