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Srilan’s cabin air filter material is a non woven fabric formed by different fibers through the thermal bond, needle punch, or other technology. Our filter cloth is electrostatic charging, particle capture ability is very strong. The dust can be deeply contained between the fibers, and the dust holding capacity is 2 times that of ordinary filter materials. We have professional R&D and manufacturing facilities at our two production sites Hangzhou and Quzhou. In order for you to trust our quality, we can provide free samples for you to test. Let’s act quickly.

Cabin Air Filter Material

melt blown for cabin air filter

As the filter element layer with high efficiency

Electrostatic Cotton for cabin air filter

Electret charging, high dust holding capacity

Thermal bond nonwoven for cabin air filter

As the carrier to laminate with other filter materials

Charging Technology

Srilan has mastered electrostatic charging technology. All our cabin air filter materials capture dust by electrostatic adsorption. The fiber of the filter element has an electret structure, which has a stronger adsorption effect on PM2.5. Because of the electret process, the lower gram weight can achieve the same filtering effect, which is more conducive for pleating.


Cabin Air Filter Material technology
Compact Structure

Compact Structure

We always need to laminate active carbon in the cabin air filter. Because activated carbon is generally particulate matter, it is very easy to have the problem of powder leakage. The density of our cabin air filter material is very high, and the fibers are very tightly wound, so it can effectively prevent the carbon from leaking out.

Low Pressure Drop

If the resistance of the material is too high, the airflow will be reduced over a long period of time and the passenger will feel uncomfortable. In order to solve this problem, Srilan specially designed electrostatic cotton cabin air filter material with ultra-low resistance. It can greatly extend the life of the filter while giving passengers a better experience.

low resistance of cabin air filter material

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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