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We are pleased and proud to introduce Srilan as a leading manufacturer and exporter of breathable non woven fabric, with multiple production lines producing breathable non-woven fabrics for air filtration, liquid filtration, and other fields. At the same time, Srilan has 5 sets of TSI8130 test machines and kinds of professional testing equipment, strict control of breathable non woven fabrics’ quality.

Breathable Non Woven Fabric

High breathable, lightweight

Needle punch nonwoven

Low resistance, good efficiency

Thermal bond nonwoven

Excellent stiffness and air permeability

Meet Different Requirements

The air permeability of nonwoven fabric is essentially related to the size of the open space between the fibers in the fabric, which requires different air permeability for different nonwoven fabrics. Such as cabin air filter materials need high air permeability nonwoven fabric. Srilan is one of the leading manufacturers of the best breathable non woven fabric.

Fiber structure
Breathable nonwoven fabric

Penetration Values

Srilan’s breathable non woven fabric exhibits excellent efficiencies and penetration values for NaCl, DOP, and paraffin oil. It provides low breathing resistance measurements for easy breathability and excellent mask comfort. Srilan’s breathable non woven fabrics have test reports from Nelson Labs. Contact us now.


The air permeability test of breathable non woven fabric is to send the air flowing through the sample directly when the airflow is stable, and the pressure is obtained on both sides of the sample under the condition of the test. Srilan’s breathable non woven fabrics are usually tested using △Pa=125Pa/200Pa.

Air permeability tester

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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