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Nonwoven Fabrics are made by putting fibers together and then using heat, chemicals, or pressure to combine them into a sticky, fabric-like material. Black nonwoven fabric is one of them. Srilan’s business belief is that create values with our customers. We believe that with professional workers, good management, advanced machines, a strict quality control system, and satisfactory after-sales service, we can do better and better.

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As Covid-19 is spreading around the world and mask is still needed. Many young people hope not to get tanned in summer, so the requirement for masks has been added, which is UV protection. Black nonwoven fabric can effectively prevent harmful solar radiation and protect people’s skin.

Tear strength


Nowadays, every country pays attention to environmental protection, so nonwoven bags gradually replace plastic bags. Black nonwoven fabric is no exception. Moreover, it must be anti-tear, so that the bags won’t break out easily during use and people can have a good user experience.

Insulation Work

As excellent insulation work, black nonwoven fabric is widely used in tree maintenance, vegetable production, greenhouses, and vinyl house. In summer, it can block the sun exposure; in winter, it can prevent the cold. It effectively shortens the growth time, greatly increases the yield and obtains better economic benefits for people.

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