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Professional Black Air Filter Material Manufacturer

Srilan’s black air filter material is a high-performance nonwoven fabric produced according to market requirements. We use a special process to produce black air filter materials with high efficiency, breathable, and stiffness. It can be widely used as a face mask material, agriculture non woven fabric and cabin air filter material, etc. We have been insisting on upgrading our products and innovating on non woven material applications. Call us to request a free sample.

Black Color

In order to meet the market demand for materials, Srilan has launched a series of black air filter materials, black meltblown, black spunbond, and black support nonwoven. Now masks have become a necessity in our lives and a decoration for our daily travel. Black is also an attitude shown in our daily life.

Black Air Filter Material
High air permeability of black air filter material

High Air Permeability

Air permeability is the measure of air flow passed through a given area of a fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the breathability, the more comfortable the material is. Srilan’s black air filter material pays great attention to the property of air permeability, you needn’t worry about the black color affecting performances.

No Harmful Substances

Srilan’s black air filter material is made of black masterbatch. There are no additives in the production process, no pollution to the environment, and no harm to your body. You can safely use it for the production of various filters, like personal respirators, car air conditioner filters, or other air filters, etc.

No Harmful Substances of black air filter material

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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