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Bicomponent Spunbond

Bicomponent Spunbond

Bicomponent fibers, also known as composite fibers, are composed of two different fiber-forming polymers or the same fiber-forming polymers with different properties. Since the two components contained in this fiber complement each other, the performance of the composite fiber is usually better than that of the conventional synthetic fiber, and it has various uses.

Srilan owns PE/PP、PE/PET、PET/PET、PA/PET two-component spunbond non woven fabric now.


PA/PET-70gsm Inspection standard
Max width: 2.4m /
Basic weight: 70 ± 10% gsm GB/T24218.1-09
MD strength: ≥ 210 N/5cm GB/T24218.3-2010
CD strength: ≥ 170 N/5cm

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