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Air purifier media is one of our main air filter nonwoven fabrics. Srilan is a fast-growing company that has earned customer’s trust with our 7 years of expertise, we integrate melt-blown, electrostatic electret, and composite technology, to provide customers with special air filter material in the air purifier media market, with excellent characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency, high dust capacity and so on. The efficiency of our air purifier media can filter more than 99.97% particulate. Contact us now!

Air Purifier Media

Air purifier media Laminated Nonwoven

Meltblown laminate with polyester nonwoven, make it pleatable

Air purifier media Meltblown

Ultra-low penetration and resistance, the core filter layer

Pleat Stabilization

We produce air purifier media that features pleat stabilization, that can be deeply pleated in an air purifier as a support layer, increase the use area of filtration, and don’t deform under high wind volume. We focus on providing you with air purifier media to improve the quality of air filtration.

Pleat stabilization of Air purifier media
Stable electrostatic feature of air purifier media

Stable Electrostatic Feature

Air purification media use imported polypropylene raw materials, as well as our unique electrostatic core technology, the air purifier media has high efficiency and can keep stable electrostatic features for a longer time. It can be recognized as your ideal air purification media.

Catch More Dust

Dust, pollen, and animal hair are common in households, we produce air purifier media with high dust-holding capacity, when the air passes through the air purifier, the particles like dust, and pollen will be caught to the filter surface and held, which will increase the capture capacity of the air purifier.

Catch more dust of air purifier media

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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