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Professional Air Filter Roll Manufacturer

Srilan supplies nonwoven fabric rolls for the air filters. We have mastered electrostatic charging technology for more than 10 years, and our melt blown and electrostatic needle punch nonwoven efficiency is more than 99.97%. They are widely used in HEPA, Cabin air, HVAC, and other air filters. We use moisture-proof packaging to ensure long-distance transportation. The electrostatic support nonwoven fabric is our new air filter material roll this year, it is a nonwoven material that can be pleated directly. Call us for more detailed information.

99.97% Efficiency

Srilan’s air filter roll can remove 99.97% of 0.3um particulate matter in the air, including dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, etc.

  • Meltblown: 30gsm, E ≥ 99.97%,
  • Electrostatic needle punch nonwoven: 500gsm, E ≥ 99.97%


Air Filter Roll efficiency
Air Filter Roll package

Moisture-proof Packaging

The temperature and humidity of the container are uncontrollable, and our goods have to undergo long-distance transportation, so how to ensure the quality of the goods, the packaging is also a very important link. Srilan’s air filter rolls are packaged in moisture-proof packaging to protect goods over long distances.

Comprehensive Facilities

  • 8 needle punch nonwoven production lines,
  • 8 meltblown fabric production lines
  • 2 thermal bond nonwoven production lines,
  • 6 slitting machines to meet different size
  • 1 laminating production line
air filter roll facilities

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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