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Srilan’s air filter material is composed of non woven fabrics, an intermediate form between paper and conventional textile fabrics. Compared to other materials, it uses less fiber, less labor, less time, and lower cost, making it the first choice as disposable material. They are widely used to make cabin air filters, HEPA filters, HVAC filters, and other air filters. We have non woven air filter materials with various production processes. Our mission is to innovate non woven material applications. Call us to get a free sample.


The air filter material of Srilan is electrostatic charging nonwovens. It adsorbs particles to the material through physical properties and finally achieves filtration. We just need to change the air filter material regularly and don’t need to wash and get our hands dirty.

Convenience of Air Filter Material
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Shilan’s air filter material needs to be replaced regularly, and the cost is a very critical factor. The production of non woven fabrics generally uses fewer fibers, less labor, and less time, so its production cost will be relatively cheaper. Our MOQ also is relatively small, you don’t need to worry about your cost pressure.


Srilan’s air filter materials use a variety of fibers, PP, PET, Nylon, PE, PLA, bicomponents, etc. We can combine the advantages of different fibers and use a more reasonable process to design filter materials that are closer to your needs.

Design of air filter material
Specialty of air filter material


All filter materials of Srilan are tested by professional testing instruments and then issue data reports to you. We have 5 sets of TSI8130 testing equipment equipped with PALAS. Both our factories are equipped with professional laboratories to monitor data in real-time.

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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