Agriculture Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

Professional Agriculture Non Woven Fabric Manufacturer

Agriculture nonwoven fabric can be used in forestry, agriculture, landscaping and other fields. Srilan as a professional supplier of non-woven fabrics for agriculture can provide non-woven fabrics with a maximum width of 3.2 meters to cover and protect crops from bad weather and insect damage. Various sizes can be made according to customer requirements, contact us for more information.

Agriculture Non Woven Fabric

Spunbond nonwoven for fruit bag

Agriculture non woven fabric for fruit bags can protect the fruit from insect pests, beautiful appearance, and improve product quality.

Agriculture non woven fabric

Agriculture non woven fabric with heat preservation function, prevents plants from frostbite in cold weather.

Non woven polypropylene landscape fabric

Agriculture non woven fabric used in plant-covered can assist plant growth and regulate temperature, humidity, and light.

Economic Benefits

More and more people realize that nonwoven fabric in agriculture brought economic benefits. Agricultural non woven fabric with its advantages of covering and protecting crops, widely used in forestry, agriculture, landscaping, and other fields, become a very popular product, there is large stock available in our warehouse.


Agricultural non woven fabric

Regulate Environment

Agricultural non woven fabric can coordinate the growth environment of plants. In cold weather, agricultural non woven fabric plays an important role to protect the plant’s from anti-freeze and warmth. In summer, spunbond fabric can prevent sun exposure caused by plant moisture evaporation too fast.


Agricultural non woven fabric has excellent air permeability, because the density of nonwoven fabric is small, lightweight, and uniform. Agricultural non woven fabric used in the plant seedbed can increase the permeability between seedlings and soil, and improve the survival rate of seedlings.

Seedling nonwoven fabric

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