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At Srilan Filtration, our mission is to innovate non woven applications and our vision is to let non woven material improve the quality of life.​

We focus on the filtration materials market and special nonwoven fabric, mainly including meltblown fabric, spunbond nonwoven, needle punch nonwoven, thermal bond nonwoven and composite nonwoven materials.

We have a strict inspection system, all products are 100% tested, and we have passed the ISO 9001 quality management system. We have related certifications for our non woven and will be happy to support your project.

  • meltblown production
  • needle punch production

Strong Nonwoven Fabric Production Capacity

Srilan produces a variety of nonwoven fabrics and has a strong production capacity.

  • 8 needle punch nonwoven production lines, annual capacity is 1500tons
  • 8 meltblown fabric production lines, annual capacity is 2000tons
  • 2 thermal bond nonwoven production lines, annual capacity is 2000tons
  • 3 spunbond nonwoven production lines, PP、PET 、PE/PP、PE/PET
  • 6 slitting machines to meet different size

Professional Nonwoven Fabric Technical Team

Srilan technical team has 1 doctor, 5 postgraduates, and 5 employees who have been engaged in the non woven industries for more than 10 years. We are a member of the United States WFI(Waterloo Filtration Institute). We will regularly assign technicians to receive training in the non woven filtration industries to create professional technical services for customers.

  • team
  • Nonwoven Fabric Laboratory Equipment

Complete Nonwoven Fabric Laboratory Equipment

We believe that the experimental equipment is the soul of the non woven filter fabric. We cannot judge the quality of non woven cloth with our eyes except the appearance. We can provide product performance testing, including fabric gram weight, thickness, air permeability, tensile strength, filtration efficiency, filtration resistance, and so on, to ensure that the product performance can meet customer requirements.

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