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Professional 50 Micron Filter Cloth Manufacturer

Using thermal melting method, its process is a single-step process that converts a polymer chip as raw material into a randomly laid fiber mesh structure, with no adhesive. This 50 micron filter cloth is fully made by PP, so its chemical properties are stable and service time is long.

Srilan is constantly developing our own brand products, improving customer needs, and serving our customers more efficiently. We have a strong technical team so that we can provide customers with professional solutions and advice, and solve their work problems at any time. Welcome to consult our 50 micron filter cloth.

Large Aperture

This 50 micron filter cloth is our large aperture series of liquid filter fabrics. It belongs to the coarse filter stage and has a large flux so that it can effectively remove visible suspended matter, sand particles, impurities, etc.

Large Aperture of 50 Micron Filter Cloth
Air Permeability of 50 Micron Filter Cloth

Good Air Permeability

Air permeability is the measure of airflow passed through a given area of fabric under the specified differential pressure. It is generally accepted that the air permeability of a fabric depends on its air porosity, which in turn influences its openness. As its large porosity, this 50 micron filter cloth has good air permeability.

Stable Structure

The fiber structure of Srilan’s 50 micron filter cloth shows a gradient change. Hence, it has a stable structure and is not easy to deform. In the process of use, it will not fall off the medium and cause blockage problems, which can reduce the impact on filter performance.

Stable Structure of 50 Micron Filter Cloth

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