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Professional 5 Micron Filter Cloth Manufacturer

Srilan’s 5 micron filter cloth relies on its own adhesion and entanglement and forms a three-dimensional microporous structure in space. This 5 micron fabric does not require any adhesive during the bonding process.

Srilan has fully automated production which provides our 5 micron filter cloth with the most unified and consistent structure and performance. Our company is committed to becoming a leader in non-woven fabric by providing high-performance products and technical support services for our customers. Call us for more details.


Srilan’s 5 micron filter cloth uses high-quality, non-toxic, and odor-free PP raw material, which is reliable and safe. In the production process, it adds no other chemicals and during its usage, it does not appear as insoluble material. It is certified by FDA and 1935 / 2004 / EC.


5 Micron Filter Cloth safety
5 Micron Filter Cloth Chemical compatibility

Strong Chemical compatibility

Srilan’s 5 micron filter cloth is made of polypropylene microfiber medium. Hence, this micron filter fabric is resistant to mildew, acid, alkali, and organic or inorganic solvents (except chlorosulfonic acid, concentrated nitric acid, and strong oxidant).

Wide Application

With its strong chemical compatibility, this 5 micron filter cloth is ideal for pleated filter cartridges as a pre-filter. It has been widely used in lots of fields such as domestic and drinking water purification, industrial filtration, food, pharmaceutical industry, and other fluid filtration.

5 Micron Filter Cloth application

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