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Professional 10 Micron Filter Cloth Manufacturer

10 micron filter cloth is made of polypropylene microfiber which meets food grade and by hot melt. It has no additives in the whole production process so it has very good compatibility and its physical and chemical properties are stable.

Srilan understands the market needs and closely monitors the trends in technology, innovation, and regulation, in order to serve our customers better. We use our application expertise to bring our customers to the market faster, and our products are proven to remain stable under the most demanding conditions. Welcome to consult our 10 micron filter cloth.

High Performance

10 micron filter cloth of Srilan is highly homogeneous in terms of thickness, porosity, and surface properties. Its porosity is high and the aperture dispersion is small, which also makes it have high filtration efficiency, large flux, and strong pollution handling capacity.

High Performance of 10 micron filter cloth
Easy Processing of 10 micron filter cloth

Easy Processing

Srilan’s 10 micron filter cloth uses superfine polypropylene fiber as raw material. These fibers rely on their own adhesion and entanglement to form a spatially random and chaotic 3D microporous structure, and the radial fiber shows a gradient change. Hence, this micron fabric can be made into products with different filter diameters.


Srilan’s products are manufactured in strict accordance with national and related industry standards. This 10 micron filter cloth meets the requirements of FDA CFR title 21. We ensure the whole quality monitoring from the raw materials to the production process. Each batch has strict quality testing and a product guarantee.

FDA of 10 micron filter cloth

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