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Professional 1 Micron Filter Cloth Manufacturer

Srilan’s 1 micron filter cloth is the main product for pleated filter cartridges in liquid filtration. Due to its excellent performance characteristics, this 1 micron filter fabric offers unmatched value and is free of adhesives, which can be pre-treated to enhance the filter performance. As a company paying attention to innovation, Srilan can customize the filter fabric according to the filter level, thermal and chemical compatibility, and fold / process-ability to optimize performance. Contact us immediately.


No Stratification

Srilan’s 1 micron filter cloth uses melt blown spinning process and directly produces from the polymer to fabric without intermediate processes such as spinning or forming. So it has no stratification, reducing the impact on the filter level of the filter cartridge.


No Stratification of 1 Micron Filter Cloth
pleated 1 Micron Filter Cloth

Easily Pleated

Srilan’s 1 micron filter cloth is very soft and easy to be pleated. With strong plasticity, it can be suitable for various types of the pleated filter cartridge. The folding performance affects the filtering performance. The more folds and the larger the unfolded area, the better the filtering performance.

High Dirt Holding Capacity

Small diameter fibers provide 1 micron filter cloth with higher efficiency and dirt holding. This 1 micron filter fabric can remove micron-sized and submicron-sized particles with absolute efficiency, achieving maximum dirt holding capacity.

High Dirt Holding Capacity of 1 Micron Filter Cloth

Why Choose Srilan’s Nonwoven Fabric?

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